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Rickys Towing offers 24 hour emergency towing service in Amarillo,Texas


Welcome to Ricky's Towing in Amarillo,Texas your 24 hour emergency towing service. Auto club towing, accident recovery, towing for hire. Call us 806-371-7588 for roadside emergency service.

 Vehicle Towing Services - Roadside Assistance Services TxRoadside Assistance Recovery - Cheap Towing Service, Vehicle Towing Services - Vehicle Towing

Auto & Roadside Services:

Amarillo,Texas, your 24 Hrs Emergency Towing Service Local and Long Distance Towing, Auto Unlock, Flat Bed, Jump Start, Air/Tire Change, Off Road Recovery, Gas/Diese, Ricky'sTtowing covers it all.

Private Towing:

Private Towing: Texas Cheap Towing

*10,000 lbs. or below $65.00 flat rate + mileage read more
*1 ton/dually vehicles $75.00 flat rate + mileage read more

Private Roadside:

Ricky's Towing offers lockout servicesRickys Towing provides engine repare and 24 Hrs Emergency Serviceneed gasRoadside Assistance, Tire Change

Vehicles 10,000 lbs. and under:
Tire change: (must have good spare) $65.00 + mileage read more
Fuel Out: $65.00 plus the cost of fuel  + mileage read more

Jump Start: $65.00 + mileage read more

 Semis, Tractor, Trailer Towing

Semis, Tractor, Trailer Towing:

Our truck and heavy duty towing and recovery has a fleet of specialty trucks for every situation, including units with under reaches for damage free towing.

If more labor is required an hourly rate will apply $100.00/hour minimum 1hour

For Diesel Vehicles we are unable to prime vehicles

Tractor Only: $125.00 hook-up, plus $2.00 per mile read more
Trailer Only: $125.00 hook-up, plus $2.00 per mile read more
Tractor/Trailer: $175.00 hook-up, plus $3.00 per mile read more
Driveline Drop Fee: $25.00

 Specialty  Services

Specialty Services:

Customers call with the need to install, remove or relocate large, delicate piece of equipment that can't be accessed by a crane.

Please Call our Office at 1-806-371-7588 for dicounted rates.

 Rickys Towing Vehicle Impound

Vehicle Impound:

Ricky's Towing offer 24-hour impounding and storage of unauthorized vehicles from private property,
Person coming to get a vehicle out of impound:

Who is allowed to retrieve a vehicle?·
  - Current Registered owner (person on the title) with a valid government issued id

  · A person listed as a driver on a current insurance card for that vehicle with a government issued id

  · Any person with original title on hand with a valid government issued ID.

   - An immediate family member is allowed to retrieve a vehicle as well when the proper paperwork is present( TDLR approved Right of Possession—must be notarized and has a government issued id)form is available in office upon request or online at www.tdlr.state.tx.us

Excepted Insurance Companies

Ricky's Towing

3710 Tradewind St
Amarillo,Tx 79118
806-371-7588 office
806-371-7876 fax
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Why Ricky's Towing?


Ricky's Towing

Vehicles must be Under 10,000 lbs.
Must be presented at time of service.


Ricky's Towing

Vehicles must be Over 10,000 lbs.
Must be presented at time of service.
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